How to Choose the Right Certified Flight Instructor

The Certified Flight Instructor you choose will ultimately have a great impact on your flight education and your future as pilot. Choosing the ideal certified flight instructor is very important for you and should never be overlooked. This will affect you education as an aspiring pilot and will have an impact on what kind of pilot you will be.

You may have to spend some time looking over your choices before you make a final decision on which one of them you will ultimately tap for your student pilot days since there may be more than one CFI’s in your area. There are some things you should keep in mind when choosing a certified flight instructor.

“How is he or she as a Teacher?” this is the question that you should ask yourself first. Do a background check on a prospective certified flight instructor and check out his reputation in the general aviation community. You do not want to be learning from someone who has a bad reputation that would only take you down even before you have gotten off the ground.

Every certified flight instructor is required to be certified by the FAA. Make sure your CFI is licensed to practice giving instruction to flight students. Teaching how to fly without a license is obviously against the law so check out his or her credentials first. This is also done so you won’t be taking instruction from fakes and frauds who will teach you nothing in return for you money.

The simplest solution is usually the best, interviewing the CFI is a great way to get to know his or her personality and background. Through diligent research, you might find the teacher that not only will teach you to become a private pilot, but also help you save money from your private pilot flight training. Have a list of questions that you want to ask in advance so you can be prepared. This is a very important part of the process so never overlook it.

check out ground school for more information.


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